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I totally admire these works! Check em out yourself! :D


SlaveAhsoka!Dancing in the sunlight /byNyna by N-Y-N-A
SlaveAhsoka!Dancing in the sunlight /byNyna
oh yes, once again I had to give in to drawing Slave Ahsoka. Shame on me o.o I have drawn a 20-something Ahsoka, wearing her blue beautiful slave outfit :p However I modified some parts (for e.g.: the golden Lekku-part) 


Nyna 2015
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone///ByNyna by N-Y-N-A
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone///ByNyna
Hello! This is the colored version of my previously uploaded sketch. I believe Lux didn't turn out that bad after all, but I definitely need to practice drawing guys :lol:

Anyways, I thought that this song… is quite fitting for Lux and Ahsoka, so I used it's title for my drawing :D 


NYNA 2015 
Ahsoka vs battledroids///ByNyna by N-Y-N-A
Ahsoka vs battledroids///ByNyna
Hello guys!
I finally had some more time, which I devoted to experiment with coloring. So this is what came out of that experiment, and it represents my very first (photoshop) colored art piece. I even was brave enough to try drawing a background. So I drew some mountains in the background and a dusty mysterious sky. I am actually quite proud of this artwork, considering it is the first time I tried out coloring ^^' Anyways, I will continue coloring and work on improvement. 

Nyna 2015
I need your love- LUXSOKA by N-Y-N-A
I need your love- LUXSOKA
hey guys! Made a new Luxsoka drawing yay ô^ô ! Lux still needs some fixes, but with Ahsoka I am pretty content. However, I am practicing drawing guys, because I wanna be able to draw guys TT.TT Anyways I think Lux looks quite okay what do you think?


Nyna 2015
Ahsoka wearing Leia's slave outfit by N-Y-N-A
Ahsoka wearing Leia's slave outfit
Slave outfits ftw! o.o I am so sorry Ahsoka, I just had to do this.. *sigh* 

Definitely will color it! o3o I need more SaveAhsoka! who else? anyone? XD 

I am going to fix stuff eventually ;) 

ENJOY(don't stare at her too long, she doesn't like that o.o)

NYNA 2015


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Hello my dearest friends and watchers!

I am here to happily announce that I am finally able to draw digitally again. Yesterday I finally got Photoshop CS6, so I can draw on my mac now. I also have got a new tablet. Was sorta all expensive.. but that was worth it. 
Furthermore I want to THANK YOU ALL :heart: Because, I really had a hard time dealing with what happened at my place.. This robbery shit was really striking me down. The loss of all my drawings and everything.. the feeling of security at home was taken away. I even had some psychological help, as I just couldn't handle this situation. But in time I gathered some energy and bought myself a little sketchbook. This little book I carried around everywhere and I drew in it everyday. That really helped me. But what really got me motivated to do art again was Star Wars. When I got to see Ahsoka in the Rebels show, I was really disappointed.. So I decided, I can do that better. I will design my very own grown up Ahsoka Tano. Ever since I decided to do that I am practicing and working on this project everyday. (as you can tell from all the sketches and doodlings I have uploaded here) ;D At this point I really want to thank you guys again. Because you accepted my new drawing direction. I have got so many comments and compliments, it was overwhelming. I even have to admit that last night when I thought about this all I was tearing up. And I came to a conclusion. I will leave this crap what happened to me behind and will see it as a challenge. A challenge out of which I rose up. I became stronger, motivated and enthusiastic. I finally thought a concept for my art again. So my life motto again approved. Nothing in life happens without a reason. I am sure that with photoshop I was given a new opportunity to improve my art. Without the robbery I might wouldn't ever have started using this program, or started drawing Ahsoka again. So I will not let it break me down, I will use it to my advantage. Once again, thank you for your support. Really, you all helped me through this!
Unfortunately in around 3 weeks I will have my written leaving exams, then three weeks I will have a break to study for my oral leaving exams in june. So yea I am about to graduate from high school. If everything goes well and I pass all my leavings, I will have my big summer break from the 20th of june until the 1st of october. And you guys know exactly what that means! In summer I will draw draw draw draw oh and draw! So until then I will draw a bit too, just to take some breaks from studying and stuff, but for now studying is priority. :I 

Thank you so much for reading my Journal Entry! 

Never give up! that is what I have learned from this all. And I won't give up! 

I love you all!!!

:heart: NYNA 

check out my very first try to draw with photoshop and my new tablet ;D 

My very first Ahsoka sketch (with Photoshop) by N-Y-N-A
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